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  • Casinos need quality photos showing their games, hotel rooms, and food to attract new clients and advertise the casino’s offerings to the public. A good photographer should know that low light may prevent them from taking the best photos for their casinos. Follow these steps to take beautiful shots of your casino. Practice The first step to creating outstanding casino photos is to experiment and practice. Try taking different types of shots in various areas around the casino. For example, try taking a picture from ground level, looking up at the ceiling. Also, you can check how great casinos like take their shots. In essence, an ultra-wide-angle lens that shows off many people around you may help you achieve this. The Key Lighting Technique for Great Casino Photos The second step is to learn the critical lighting technique for great casino photos. One way involves using a front-lighting method with lamps positioned at eye level. You can also place two light sources from either side of the camera. That gives your subjects a sharper definition and illumination, making their features stand out well in the photo. Capture Both the Interior and Exterior Casino photographers should aim to capture both the interior and exterior shots. If you only take indoor photos, it would be difficult for your viewers to imagine what they’ll see when they come by. Eliminate Camera Shake It’s best to reduce camera shake to get sharp shots in low light environments. That said, use a tripod if necessary to keep everything steady, even when using slow shutter speeds. Photo Editing Apps Many casino photographers use photo editing apps to create Instagram-worthy photos. Photo processing apps will help you adjust the lighting, contrast, and saturation of images. Casinos need to invest in quality photography for their business. With the mentioned casino photography tips, you can create stunning compositions.

  • Most casinos have antiqued rules prohibiting photography. But taking photos is a great way to capture great experiences. So, knowing proper etiquette is key to avoiding run-ins with strict casino security and law enforcement while taking photos. Use Small Cameras Avoid drawing unwanted attention by using a small camera. Smartphones and compact point-and-shoot cameras are the best options for taking photos in casinos without being noticed. That’s because they easily fit in your hand and pocket. Also, when using a smartphone, you can keep yourself busy playing online games at Karamba and taking photos without drawing attention. Use Flash Sparingly Casinos are very dark because they want patrons focused on games rather than taking a vacation photo. So, using flash can mess up the ambience. It will also draw unwanted attention to you, so avoid it whenever possible. Keep an Eye Out for Security Casinos are especially strict about photography because they want their games to be fair and unrigged. Because of this, security is very proactive about checking people’s cameras to ensure they don’t have any hidden recording devices. Take Pictures Quickly The longer you spend taking photos, the more likely security is to notice and ask for your camera. So, make sure to capture pictures quickly. That way you avoid getting caught off-guard by the mean-looking bodyguards. Before You Shoot, Ask for Permission Not all casinos prohibit taking photos. Some let you take a few pictures but ask that you not share them on social media. So, before taking any photos of the people playing games, be sure to check with management first. Follow these tips when taking photos in casinos so that you don’t ruin your gaming or vacation experiences.

  • Taking event photographs can be a fun and rewarding experience. Sometimes, only a little planning is necessary. Other times, you need to research the type of photography that will work best for your event. Here are seven ways to take better event photographs. Do Your Research Research the type of photography that works best for your specific event. If you’re photographing a wedding, then different lighting and angles will probably work better than if you were photographing an outdoor event. Research what type of photography is best suited to your idea of the perfect image for this particular occasion. Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment If possible, take more equipment than you need to avoid running into a situation where you need a specific piece of equipment and can’t find it. This also means making sure the batteries are charged, memory cards have room for your images, lenses aren’t dirty or scratchy, etc. Get to Know Your Camera Better Than You Know Yourself The more time you spend with the different functions of your camera, the better you will become at using it. There are so many settings that can be tweaked and adjusted to create a unique image. Practice Makes Perfect So Start Practicing Now! There’s nothing worse than seeing a fantastic event only for your photos to flop because you didn’t prepare properly. Try taking some test shots at home to see how the lighting is working, where you should be standing, and the effects that can be achieved by adjusting your settings. Stick to One or Two Themes Throughout All of Your Photos Using one or two themes will help to unify your photographs and make them look more professional. If you’re photographing a wedding, for example, it’s best to choose one or two themes throughout all of the photos. That helps you avoid sending out mixed messages about what type of event this is. Make Sure You Have Plenty of Natural Light Natural light is the best type of light to use when taking event photographs. That’s because it is soft, flattering, and doesn’t cast weird shadows across people’s faces. On the other hand, artificial lighting can be distracting and harsh on faces and that may take away from the beauty instead of adding to it. But if you must use your flash, make sure it’s not too bright to ruin any natural lighting. Be Mindful About Background Details It would help if you always considered what’s going on in the background of your image because it may make or break a photograph. For example, you don’t want photos with dirty dishes stacked up behind people to avoid an unprofessional look. With that, make sure your subjects are centrally located, and the background is as simple as possible.

  • Every business has to price its services, and photography is no exception. But how do you set the price for your photography services? It’s a difficult question with many variables that can make or break your profits. Many new photographers struggle to find the best rate to draw clients but not over-charge. In this blog post, we will discuss four tips for pricing your photography services so that you can take control of what people pay for them and make as much money as you can. Calculate the Cost of Your Photography Services Your first step should be to figure out the cost of your photography services. You do this by taking all expenses you incur during a shoot and dividing it by the sold prints or downloads. But that’s not always an accurate number for what people pay for your images. If they want high-resolution files, then they’ll have to pay more, but even that price is largely dependent on the market. Factor in Marketing Expenses and New Gear Costs Once you know how much it costs for your photography services, you need to factor in marketing expenses (such as social media ads) and any new equipment or software you bought recently. That will help you establish a competitive price with what others are offering, and it will help you recover money spent on marketing. Look at the Average Prices in Your Area for Photography Services Now that you know how much it costs to provide your services, look around online or ask other photographers for an idea of how much they charge per hour or shoot. You don’t have to match their price. But it can give you an idea of the range your services should fall in. Consider Location and Time Spent on a Shoot Location is another variable that affects how much people will pay for photography services. If you’re shooting at night or somewhere without free parking, then you need to factor in additional expenses. The time spent on a shoot is another factor to consider because the more hours you spend shooting, means less time you put into other tasks for your business or personal life. So, it’s important not to overbook yourself if at all possible. 


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