How to Take Photos Inside a Casino

Most casinos have antiqued rules prohibiting photography. But taking photos is a great way to capture great experiences. So, knowing proper etiquette is key to avoiding run-ins with strict casino security and law enforcement while taking photos.

Use Small Cameras

Avoid drawing unwanted attention by using a small camera. Smartphones and compact point-and-shoot cameras are the best options for taking photos in casinos without being noticed. That’s because they easily fit in your hand and pocket.

Also, when using a smartphone, you can keep yourself busy playing online games at Karamba and taking photos without drawing attention.

Use Flash Sparingly

Casinos are very dark because they want patrons focused on games rather than taking a vacation photo. So, using flash can mess up the ambience. It will also draw unwanted attention to you, so avoid it whenever possible.

Keep an Eye Out for Security

Casinos are especially strict about photography because they want their games to be fair and unrigged. Because of this, security is very proactive about checking people’s cameras to ensure they don’t have any hidden recording devices.

Take Pictures Quickly

The longer you spend taking photos, the more likely security is to notice and ask for your camera. So, make sure to capture pictures quickly. That way you avoid getting caught off-guard by the mean-looking bodyguards.

Before You Shoot, Ask for Permission

Not all casinos prohibit taking photos. Some let you take a few pictures but ask that you not share them on social media. So, before taking any photos of the people playing games, be sure to check with management first.

Follow these tips when taking photos in casinos so that you don’t ruin your gaming or vacation experiences.

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